Blonde india

blonde india

22 May Anyone who has ever lived abroad or traveled outside your home country knows that sometimes it is simply impossible to avoid standing out. India is not the first foreign country I have lived in. I was born in L.A. and raised in Southern California and over the past 19 years – as an adult – I have lived in. 1 Oct All that said, I wonder if your being blonde may contribute to you catching a little more hell than I did? Indian fascination with blondes does seem a little over the top sometimes. I actually had people ask me if I was Indian a couple of times after speaking Hindi to them. Maybe they were too confused by me to. 6 Feb This is particularly a problem for women travelers, and even more so for those that are fair with blonde hair. Indian will men openly stare and make unwanted advances, often including groping and photographing. Be aware that in many cases a photograph is not a harmless photograph, they will show it to.


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Blonde india -

And I hope you have a safe and happy travelling. Saskia September 2, at 5: This comment has been removed by the author. Thanks for an insightful analysis. I have only once been harassed while Rohit has been with me. blonde india

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